Call Me John Wayne 

Call Me John Wayne is our 15 hand Perlino stallion. His color genetics are Ee/AA/CrCr. "John Wayne" can never sire a smoky black foal. He will produce buckskin foals 100% of the time when bred to homozygous black mares, 85% of the time when bred to black and bay mares, and 50% of the time with sorrel mares. If he doesn't produce a buckskin, then the foal will be a palomino when crossed with non-dilute mares.

"John Wayne" has a small head/ear, an easy going temperament and a smooth gait. Fall 2013 we had our first foal crop by CMJW. The foals were colorful, stocky, and great movers. We are super pleased with what he has produced. 

Since that first group of beautiful and intelligent foals were born, CMJW's buckskin and palomino foals are very popular. We have started some of his get under saddle. They were easy to train and sold quickly because of their beautiful color. If you would like a foal with some gold in his coat, then John Wayne is your goldmine. 

Live Foal Gurantee applies with CMJW's stud fee. Live Cover only.


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Call Me John Wayne #20704338Hes A Neon MoonAces Silver StreakAces Silver N GoldAces Spitfire
Ks Bonnie Bell
Telstars Affire B.Julies Rebel
Golden Telstar B.
Ultra Joy RideRoyal IvoryFavorites Bold Gold E.
Christmas Gold E.
Twice RosesPrides Ultra Threat
Ebs Fortune Delight
X-Rays BuckarooX-Ray EyesBud EnglandEnglands Pride
Belle England
Velvets Wishes Come TrueFavorites Bold Gold E.
Velvet Lady E.
Mans Queen Of The NileMan Of PridePride Of Midnight H.F.
Old Glorys Red Lady
Finals CleopatraPrides Final Edition (WGC)
Threats Merry Ann
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