Hillbilly Bingo SOLD!

SOLD- Thank you Natalie and family for giving Bingo a wonderful new home.

Bingo is an outstanding young gelding. Aside from being  very eye-catching, Bingo is a great pleasure horse. He handles well and is easy to catch. He stands for grooming, tacking, mounting, and dismounting. Bingo is used to fly sprays, baths, clipping, and trailering. He loads on and backs out of the horse trailer easily. Bingo is not a spooky horse, he crosses water, mud, ditches, etc. He's used to being ridden with dogs running all through the woods. Bingo will ride in the front, back, or middle. He's not "hot" or a dead head, but a good medium. He will flat walk if that's what you want to do, or he's happy to move into his smooth/head nodding gait.He has been to a few local shows and is very competitive in the pleasure classes. Bingo is very naturally gaited and simple to enjoy. He is the combination of beauty and brains that everyone is looking for in a pleasure horse.




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