John Chisum $2250

Barn Name: Chisum
Gender: Gelding
Foal Date: 05-19-16
Color: Golden Buckskin
Markings: Hind coronet
Est. Height: 15.1 Hands
Sire: Call Me John Wayne
Dam: Margaret's Filly

John Chisum is named after the movie "Chisum" starring John Wayne. Since his sire is Call Me John Wayne, it is fun to use characters or movies starring "The Duke" as names for the foals. I didn't realize it until I started going thru the long list of John Wayne movies, that John Chisum (the Duke's character in the movie Chisum) was a real man. He was born in Tennessee and moved to Texas where he became a cattle baron. I thought that was pretty interesting. Getting back to the colt, he is one of the prettiest buckskins that we've raised. He has a more refined conformation, hooked ears, and some of the blackest stockings you'll find. He's also going to have a long, beautiful mane like his sire. In addition to all his physical beauty, Chisum has shown a nice gait with a good back end under him. He is well halter broke, and going to be a knock-out trail/pleasure horse in the future.