Motowns Captain Jack SOLD


Thanks to Barry from South Pittsburgh, TN

Motowns Captain Jack is a tall gelding standing a full 16.2 Hands. "Captain" is a three year old gentle giant. He has a super smooth gait and is good on the trail. Captain has excellent confirmation and kind dark eyes. He has a puppy dog personality to go with his good looks. Captain is calm, loving, and gentle. He is a kind hearted horse that is responsive to his riders requests and wants to please. He has an easy going personality and is fun to ride. Captain gets along great with other horses. He will ride in the front, back, or middle of the group. With his long legs, Captian can cover some ground if you ask him to. He's a nice gelding that almost anyone can enjoy.

We've made a short video of Captain to show his gait. We are currently working on a longer video, and will hopefully have it posted soon.



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