Oh So Fair $3750


Barn Name: Odessa
Color: True red roan
Markings: Star. Hind fetlock
and hind sock.
Est. Height: 15.3 or 16 Hands
Sire: Look N Oh So Blue
Dam: Idol's Fair Lady

We would like to introduce to you Miss Odessa! 

Odessa is a two year old red roan filly who has quickly became a favorite on the farm. She is TWHBEA registered. They don't come any nicer than this super sweet filly. From day one she has been stealing our hearts. Odessa is a great companion whether you're out on the trail or joining her in the stall for a nap, she always wants to be with you. Not only is she big in size, and built like a brick house, she is also big at heart too. She will easily follow your direction without  hesitation. Odessa will ride front, middle, back, or by herself. Currently she stands 15.1 hands with a stocky, sturdy build. And, she's not done growing. She will be a nice size for just about any rider to comfortably enjoy. She's great for tacking, and stands for mounting/dismounting. She parks out. Odessa loads so easily that she pretty much loads herself. She unloads just as well. She backs on the ground, under saddle, and off of the trailer with no problems. She moves off of leg pressure, is awesome with ground work, great manners, and good for the Farrier too. She stands quietly for grooming, clipping, and bathing. She stands patiently while tied as well. She is an easy going filly and willing to please. Odessa has a classy, smooth gait when collected. She maneuvers herself with complete poise and comfort in the woods, fields, gravel roads, through creeks, over logs, through cow pastures, mud, or whatever you put in front of her. We like to go where there is no path and leave a trail. She has been ridden with dogs, around cattle, and equipment. Odessa has a head full of sense, no vices, and is easy to teach. She can be caught anywhere and is most of the time waiting for you at the fence. Odessa is what we like to call the Deluxe Trail Care package. We say that because in addition to being a great trail companion, this sweet girl takes care of her rider. She will dog walk all day, or she can step it up and keep up with faster paced horses. She's not spooky and is very easy to handle. The only reason we don't recommend her for beginners yet is because of her young age. Other than than, she's about as close to perfect as you can get. She has so many things going for her, like her color, build, temperament, and gait. She's only going to keep getting better! All she needs is someone who likes to ride and has a soft spot for redheads to enjoy, she will do the rest. She's a big filly, but you won't find a more gentle, level headed, and sweet two year old anywhere. She was bred, born, and raised right here when she's had all of her training too. She never meets a stranger and loves everyone. Men, women, and children have ridden, loved, and enjoyed her. She is not marish at all. Come out and meet her in person. You will not be disappointed!