Sold Horses

Over the years we have sold hundreds of horses. We've had the chance to meet some great people along the way. The old website had several pages of  horses that we had sold. Unfortunately, those files were lost. I will continue to update these pages like I did on the old website. Swift Walk'n Farm greatly appreciates all of our customers.. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Our most recent sales can be found on Sold Horses 3.


Indigo 6


Pushers Midnight O'Malley


CPG Dark Poison


Pushing The Cash


Beaucoup's Showboat Rose


Call Me Armed Reba Ritz


Beaucoup's Verified Doll

Buckskin Colt 3-30-15 SOLD

Buckskin Colt -SOLD

Lined With Cash Filly- SOLD

Spotted Colt -SOLD

Palomino & White Filly SOLD

Buckskin Spotted Colt SOLD

Buckskin Colt- SOLD


Black Colt SOLD

Pres Mystery Lady - SOLD
14.3 (1/2) Hands 4-29-05

Cash For Your Poison- SOLD
15.1 Hands 10-01-10


Miss Rocky Top
15.2 Hand Mare 5-9-09 SOLD

He's A Classy Coach
15.1 Hand Gelding 5-15-12 SOLD


Hillbilly Bingo 5-28-12
14.2 Hand Gelding- SOLD

Ebony's Triple Champagne 12-23-11 
15 Hand Gelding- SOLD


 Beaucoup's Color Command
14.1 Hand Gelding 5-26-12- SOLD


John's Miss Poncho
15 Hand Filly 10-3-11-SOLD



Sheez A Looker- SOLD




2014 Palomino Filly-SOLD


2014 Red Roan Filly-SOLD


Beaucoup's Class Act- SOLD


Onyx- SOLD


A Sassin Shadow-SOLD


Beaucoup's Royal Gen-SOLD


Beaucoup's Struttin Rebel-SOLD


Beaucoup's Verified Rebel-SOLD


Beaucoup's Spotted Secret SOLD


Beaucoup's Frosty Girl SOLD


 A Strawberry Gen 5-6-13 SOLD


Buckskin Filly SOLD


Buckskin Filly  SOLD


Beaucoup's Royal Buck SOLD



Generator's Mark Of Cash  SOLD


 Call Me Chocolate 11-15-13 SOLD



A Palomino Gypsey 10-29-13 SOLD 


Gen After Dark 5-7-13

Beaucoup's Spotted Lady 5-28-13


A Painted Prince 4/21/12



I Am Legend 5/13/10
15.3 Hand RMHA Gelding

 A Sensational Mystery 4/28/11
14.2 Hand TWHBEA Gelding


Motowns Captain Jack 6/12/09
16.2 Hand TWH Gelding

A Bold Dollar 10/1/09
14.3 Hand TWH Gelding

Mr. Rockford 6/3/10
15.2 Hand TWH Gelding 

Ford's Southern Sky 8/31/10
15 Hand TWH Filly


Ford's Showboatn' aka Nova


Ford's Skywatcher aka Tank


Kecama Monarcha's Duke


Tennessee Cotton 6/15/12

Golden Palomino Filly


Beaucoup's Dixie Delight 10/4/12

Battle's Sweet Champagne 3/9/13


Ck's Pure Energy 4/3/11
Gelding- SOLD

Jesse 6 Yr. Old
16 Hand Gelding



 Just A Country Babe 3/30/11
14.3 Hand TWHBEA Filly- SOLD

 Ford's Merry Cash-N-Gold 4/24/11
14.3 Hand TWHBEA Filly- SOLD


W.F.'s Ultra Gin 10/2/11

Gen's Gold Thriller 10/2/11


A Sensational Mystery 4/28/11





Buckskin Tobiano Colt 4/25/13