Sold Horses 3

You guessed it..... more sold horses!


Gracias Jessie!


Thank you Lisa


Thanks Keith


Merci beaucoup Gary and Jon


Thanks Codi


Thank you Gary and Jon!


Quite A Man
Gracias Sara


Thanks Gina!


Thank you Vic and Carolyn


Danke Vic and Carolyn


Muchas gracias Stacey!


Thank you Pam D.


Thanks Shannon


Merci beaucoup Pam


Thanks Pam :)


Call Me Cookie Crisp
Thanks Jessie!


Thanks Mandie Milner!


Call Me Rocket
Thanks to Mr. Bill Allen


Teddy Grahams
Thanks Lori Yoder


Beaucoup's Carbon Copy
Thank you Lori Yoder


Blackberry Man
Thank you Kierstyn & Family


Beau's Gray Lady
Thanks Tolbert Family


Call Me Minnie Pearl
Thanks Jennifer & Gary


Bullseye Command
Thank you Ellen


I'm A Hitman
Thank you JoEllen & Mike


Shadow's Battle Chief
Thank you Barnett Family


Alen's Classic Blue
Thank you Hope


Push'n The Classics
Thanks Tony


I Scored Another Dollar
Thank you Kay


Alvin's Cash
Thank you Dzemia Family


Call Me Buck Wild
Thank You Carrier Family


Static Steele
Thank You Ivan


Jose's Cash At The Ritz
Thanks Bob & Bea Farmer


Graham's Golden Doll
Thank You Scott & Rhonda


Thank You Maranda


Thank You Polly


Thank You Gary & Jennifer


Thank You Tracy


Thank you Taylor


Thank You Gary & Jennifer


Call Me Taco
Thank you Carrier Family


Call Me Goblin
Thank you Lindsey


Joker Face
Thank you Rebecca


Call Me Sassy
Thanks Lynn


Beaucoup's Supreme Talent
Thanks Patricia


Cool Spotted Cash


Beaucoup Betty
Happy Trails Hollie