Splashed With Champagne SOLD


Meet our boy, Sham. His registered name Splashed With Champagne. He is a 15 hand, 2002 champagne tobiano stallion. Sham has tons of personality and passes it on to his foals. Aside from a great attitude, his foals have an excellent pleasure gait. Sadly, we are offering this great horse for sale. Stallions with the nature that Sham has don't come along everyday. We have done a lot of pasture breeding with him. He's good to his ladies and the foals. You can catch him anywhere. He loves people! Sham has a 50% chance of producing champagne foals, and a 50% chance of those foals being spotted. He also carries a cream gene, so he can sire a palomino as well. And, he's an easy keeper! Ol' Sham hadn't been ridden in almost 10 years. We put a saddle on him and he rode off just like he's supposed too. It wouldn't take much to get this handsome guy back to everyday riding.




(Above) Sham's foal from last year.


(Below) are some of Sham's beautiful foals.


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