Meet Tuff, who got his name the day he was born. You see, when Tuff was born he rolled off a hill and fell into a ravine. He was almost missed the next morning. Luckily, he was found. Tuff was healthy and ready to fight for his life! Once we finally convinced him that we were there to help, we made a sling and lifted him out. He's been doing wonderfully ever since. 

Tuff is sired by Splashed With Champagne. His dam was sold to us with the wrong set of registration papers. We did find out that his dam is an offspring of Gen's Way High Willie. This was confirmed by testing her DNA. Unfortunately, since we were unable to find out exactly who Tuff's dam is, we were unable to register him with TWHBEA. 

The old saying, "You can't ride a set of papers." really applies to this colt. He is a gorgeous gold champagne that should mature at 15 hands. We had Tuff gelded December 13, 2012. He's ready to start "basic training". His curious and friendly temperament combined with his smooth gait is the recipe for a wonderful pleasure horse.




Thanks Suzanne!